2nd Cawood tunnel

This tunnel, fairly short, is south of the Cawood KY tunnel on Bob’s Creek at 36.766159, -83.242214 (this is the north portal. The south portal is unfinished).  A man who lives near this tunnel, after checking our religious credentials (we lied)(sorry), confirmed that the 1929 date on the tunnel is consistent with the building of this line.  He also regaled us with stories of at least four people who died on the railroad for various reasons (drunk, stupid).  That stuff rolls off our backs like duck water.

Tunnel near Cawood KY

This is the southerly portal of a long, 1/4 mile or so, tunnel on the CSX near Cawood KY.  Anecdotal evidence (I’m still doing research) indicates that this line was laid down in the late 20s, but the date on this portal, if there ever was one, has been eroded away.  This portal is at 36.77949,  -83.24325.  A picture of this on Google Earth is titled as being near “Bob’s Creek”.  Not my creek, no sir.