Double tunnels near Cawood KY

The CSX line (former L&N)  going above these two underpasses is active.  It comes down from Harlan and heads into Hagan Tunnel.  The dating on the faces of the tunnels on this line is 1930.  Since the date on the culvert between these two tunnels is 1951, I suspect (and will readily accept correction) that these probably date to around that time, more than likely replacing a timber structure.  This is the former railroad underpass:










This was a line that branched off a line through Cawood and came through here on the way to Three Point, where there were three drift (deep) coal mines.  Back when the railroad was here (it’s now County Road 1705), the depth of the ballast would have made the tunnel look less intimidating.  This is centered at 36.774076, -83.243284.

This is the auto underpass, just next to the above.  It’s at 36.773738, -83.243456.










This would have been the vehicular access (Rt. 991) to Three Point.

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