Sensabaugh tunnel – Now In Color!

As I began this tunnel project, I thought at one point that black-and-white pix might be the way to go.  I was wrong.  I’m now working to return to those three or four tunnels I’ve posted in b&w and repost them in color.  The plan today (9/1/13) was to head up to Sensabaugh Hollow, scramble (again) up the fill to the railbed and retake Sensabaugh and Click tunnels, which are within a half-mile of each other.  Now, we’d checked the radar and we had seen an area of rain moving in, but we figured it was at least thirty minutes or so away.  Wrong again.  Just after I finished taking the picture below, we heard thunder, turned around to look north and saw the storm moving in.  We looked at each other and said, almost in unison, “It’s a washout!”  We got back to the car just as heavy rain began.
Sensabaugh, by the way, is the first tunnel on the CSX line going north from Kingsport (this is a southerly view).  It gets its name from the small stream that runs down this hollow.   Or from the hollow.

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