Hagan Tunnel, North Portal

We had been meaning to get this portal for quite a while.  This is in Kentucky, near Sampson.  The portal has a 1930 date, clearly seen.  On my other post for Hagan Tunnel, I note that the line came through here in the late 20s.  This, then, may be an original portal facing, done when the road was completed (another tunnel on this line near here also has a 1930 date).  The tunnel comes out in Hagan VA, where there are two wyes (see the comment below…it’s a switchback).  The railroad was in the process of working on this tunnel.  Off to the right you can see the 750 kw generator.  This also an air compressor on site, to which the orange-ish lines coming off the horn things are attached to.  (edit here: the “horns” are there to allow the compressor to push fresh air into the tunnel when workers are present)


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