Miller Yard Bridges

Miller Yard (or Miller’s Yard), northeast of Dungannon, used to be a happening place.  A little bit east of the main yard was once the junction where the Interstate line out of Coeburn (going down through Guest River Gorge) hooked into the Clinchfield line.  The old Interstate bridge over the Guest River is a McClintic-Marshall deck girder made in Pittsburgh in 1922.  This bridge is now the lower terminus of the Guest River Gorge Trail.

The other bridge, which is nearly impossible to easily get a good picture of, is active and much older.  It’s a Pennsylvania Steel Company deck girder made in 1907 in Steelton PA.  I can explain why there’s not a better picture.  To get a view of the date plate on this bridge, I had to scramble down the abutment of the other bridge, then carefully make my way down the Guest River, stone by stone, to where I was under this bridge.  I could have gone back up and then carefully made my way down the abutment you see in the picture (on the other side of the river) to a place I could have taken a better picture.  Forget about it.


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