Blair tunnel

This is Blair tunnel on the N&S going north out of Richlands VA.

The junction is called Jewell (Jewell Ridge is just across Hyw. 67 to the right of this picture.  This southern portal is at 37.179843, -81.796229.  The tunnel is about 3,000′ or so long and comparatively new.  Anecdotal evidence suggests it was built around 1967 or so.  One person told us it dated “from the 60s” and the dates on the pony plate bridges leading up here are all 1968.






Here’s a closer look at the portal

There’s a sign that says “Blair” on the right.  The large plaque thing below it is blank.  The tunnel overhead is strongly supported by anchor bolts, but some of the concrete has broken away and there’s a fair amount of water leakage.  The rails here are lightly used and the waiting tracks all were rusted.

From here, this line heads northwesterly to Vansant and points west.