In 1947, the L&N ran the Clover Fork Branch up to what was called Glenbrook KY (read about it here).  The reason was that Stonega Coal and Coke Company had decided to dip into the Wallins coal seam here.  They constructed five dated adits as they dug into the coal.  This one < at 36.88345, -82.91997> is representative of the three on the eastern part of this complex (it’s not really open…there’s a huge, rusty fuel tank stuffed into the adit to deter visitors):







Right at these adits is a group of buildings…a service area for mining equipment, a power building, showers and lockers for the miners.  There were also offices installed sometime later, since they put in dropped ceilings to cover the original high ones with the pulleys that helped miners get out of their work clothes before showering.
On the west side of this particular complex are two more adits, also dated 1947:







Here’s a long view of what was once a sorting/loading area:









And this possibly was once a very early exploratory mine, now bermed in.  You can easily tell is was once a mine, though:








This whole old mining area is in foreclosure.  It’s scheduled to be completely bulldozed early in 2015.  We took plenty of pictures.  We’ll remember it.

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