Pool Point Tunnel in and out

This is the first tunnel from Elkhorn City.  It’s near the entrance to The Breaks Interstate Park.  This is Pool Point Tunnel, 642′ long. It’s just a short hike down from State Route 80 out of Elkhorn City.







And here is the trestle over the Russell Fork River at the other end of the Pool Point Tunnel.  The river forms a pool just about 50′ (or so) below this trestle.  It’s really pretty here.  Going across this trestle and on down the track for about a mile we’ll hit State Line Tunnel… and find a surprise.


2 thoughts on “Pool Point Tunnel in and out

  1. Mitch Ruth February 18, 2017 / 1:42 pm

    Many memories of those tunnels and the Pool Point Bridge going into Potters Flats. When I was 7ish or 8ish I went hiking with my brother and his friends up that line and we went across the Pool Point Bridge. They told me then that if I fell off the bridge that they would have enough time to run to Elkhorn, get help, and get back to the bridge in time to see me hit the water. I was always told that for many years the Pool Point bridge was the highest single span train trestle in the world, not sure if that had the same legitimacy as the falling off the bridge story.

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