Wakenva Default Detector


Okay, this is the default detector at Wakenva VA, about halfway way between Trammel and Nora on the original Clinchfield line (now CSX).
My question is: Every reference source I’ve gone to says that “Wakenva” is a portmanteau word (mashup, i.e.) comprising West Virginia, Kentucky and Virginia.  People, look at the word!
It would have to be “WEkenva” for that to work.  Hmm.

#20 Sandy Ridge Tunnel

This is the longest tunnel on the old CC&O.  That little white dot in the lower middle of the tunnel is 7,854′ away.  The other portal is actually refurbished, but I like this portal.  It resembles the original facing that the Southern used on some of its tunnels…they’re usually dated about 1908 or so.  Since this is another line, it may be more recent.  This tunnel is just south of Trammel in Dickenson County, approximately 33 miles south of Elkhorn City.   There is another Sandy Ridge tunnel, on the N&S, just 6+ miles to the northeast of this one.   It also goes from Dickenson into Russell County.