Lonesome Valley Road Trestle

Looking up at the northwest end of the trestle, which is about 708′ long and around 100′ high, over Lonesome Valley Road in Claiborne County TN.   Here’s the southeast end:


This is on the same Norfolk Southern line I discussed in the Oakman tunnels posting.  This trestle, old as it appears, was most certainly a replacement or reinforcement of an existing trestle.  The original concrete footers are still there.

2 thoughts on “Lonesome Valley Road Trestle

  1. joannlwhitaker October 10, 2021 / 11:20 am

    There was a wooden trestle in the late 1800’s. It collapsed in June 1892 under the weight of a train filled with coal. One of my ancestors died that day. He was 25 and the fireman – James Robert Shelton of Waynesville, NC.

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