Two Kentucky bridges

These two open camelback truss bridges, made by “American Bridge Co. of New York U.S.A. 1910” (the plates are the same on both…they’ve survived for 104 years!) are located on a dead L&N line that came out of Cawood KY and joined a line that came from Three-Point KY and moved on to Harlen and, probably, Baxter.  The date is right to the line. I don’t know when this line went dead, but both these bridges have been converted to pedestrian use (people walked through the wet cement, scrawled their names and initials, but a date?  Not going to happen.) This was part of the Cumberland Valley extension of the L&N that, through interchanges and leasing, heads Lynch and beyond (“To infinity and beyond!“).

This one’s just outside Cawood at 36.78422, -83.23707, looking generally west.







This is the date plate on the above bridge






This bridge is west of the one above.  It’s at 36.81457, -83.28791.  It’s between Chevrolet and Grays Knob KY (looking NE)

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