Center Street Bridge, Kingsport

I’ve bought a new negative/slide/print scanner.  It does pretty good for the price ($109)(it’s an SVP)(China).  While looking through some old color negatives, I came across this one that I’d taken maybe 25 years ago.  This bridge, which spans the fabled Reedy Creek (as in that legendary perfume “Reedy Creek Mist”) and the Greenbelt, was replaced by the City a couple of years ago.  I hope someone kept this.  The plaque is hard to read in this resolution and size, but here’s what’s on it: Federal Works Agency/Public Works Administration/John M. Carmody/Federal Works Administrator/Franklin D. Roosevelt/President of the United States/Center Street Bridge/1939.
Parlous times, those were.  Probably quite a few men were damn glad to get a chance to work on this bridge.

My beautiful picture

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