Skaggs Hole tunnel, reboot

When I first posted Skaggs Hole tunnel, I didn’t know how much I wasn’t seeing.  We had to be up in the Bartlick area anyway (my buddy had spotted some old mines on the topo and wanted to check them out…luckily, they were mostly intact and he got his pictures), so I took the chance to walk down and redo the tunnel.  First, some maps show it as “Skegg’s Hole” and some “Skaggs Hole”.  Let’s let the highway department decide the issue:









There now.  On to the tunnel.  This is the south face looking toward the bridge over the Russell Fork. The tunnel, 519′ long, centers at 37.256522, -82.327300.











Note the date on the lintel is 1931.  This is when the railroad made some significant improvements to this tunnel.  A culvert just behind where I’m standing has a set-in-concrete (seriously) date of 1913 and the bridge beyond also has a date set in the abutment concrete of 1913.  This is when the tunnel was cut out and jibes with Goforth’s date range for the Elkhorn City extension of the Clinchfield.  This is looking out of the north face of the tunnel to the bridge over the river.








Here’s the north portal, wide view, showing Skagg’s Hole, which I believe is a deep area in the river to the left at this bend. You can just see the river, about 30′ below.

2 thoughts on “Skaggs Hole tunnel, reboot

  1. gene counts January 15, 2015 / 1:23 pm

    Skaggs Tunnel. When they were building the tunnel three men were killed, Hungarians reportedly. They are buried just on the south side just on edge of tunnel on river side. Old rock tombstones disappeared. Any chance could get their names from Erwin TN or Clinchfield archives? Thanks, gene counts recounts at
    This is also tunnel where Tom Riddle worked. In 1914 he and Bad Dave Hall were sentenced for life for murdering the revenuers just above this tunnel.

    • Bob Lawrence January 15, 2015 / 6:03 pm

      Wow, Gene! Great comment! I’ll see what I can find out and I also need to check on some (maybe) graves we found south of Honeycutt tunnel over in North Carolina near Marion.
      Again, thanks for the comment and the information.

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