#28 Speers Ferry tunnel

This tunnel is just west of Gate City VA at 36,647391, -82.744457.  It’s 1,116′ feet long and has an odd-looking south portal, kind of skewed.  Just back toward the highway from the tunnel is a quarry that you shouldn’t mess with, but is really an interesting place.  I’d tell you we walked all through the quarry, which is quite large and rather moonscapey (if you had a moonscape complete with a deep blue lake off to one side) and got some interesting pictures (which I’ll be posting on my other blog unclebobstravels at some time), but I can’t, since that would have been trespassing and such.  With this tunnel, we’re nearing the Tennessee line.  Up next, the 4,135′ Clinch Mountain tunnel, with an associated surprise.

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