#11 Sykes Mill tunnel

Here we are near Clinchport in Dickenson County, looking toward Elkhorn City (we’re about 11 miles now from that storied site).  This is Sykes Mill tunnel, 752′ long, through a rock spur that runs down to the Clinch McClure River.  This is convenient tunnel to photograph, since it’s practically sitting in your lap when you pull off 63 onto a side road that crossed the tracks.  Not like Squirrel Camp, and I’ll tell you why later (it’s #15).

And thank you to Rodney Adkins, who corrected the error on the name of the river.  He also added that this tunnel is near Clinchco.

One thought on “#11 Sykes Mill tunnel

  1. Rodney Adkins November 11, 2011 / 11:14 am

    tihs tunnel is located clinchco,va and the river is the McClure not as stated . also the squirrel camp tunnel is at the same location

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