Up in Harlan County

I don’t post a lot of pictures of bridges.  My buddy’s always saying, “Look at that bridge!  You want to stop and take a picture of it?”  And I say, “No.”  I figure if it’s a mighty truss bridge, then Calvin (Sneed) has already posted it on bridgehunter.com.  Otherwise, it’s just trestle…

However, this really sturdy deck girder is a relic of the once-mighty coal-driven railways that the L&N pushed though out of Harlan KY.  They built strong.  The rails on this trestle have “Tennessee 1938” notations on them.  It’s a dead line, but I bet it supported one hell of a lot of tonnage in its day.

The trestle crosses Catron Creek at about 36.79852, -83.33855.

4 thoughts on “Up in Harlan County

  1. Josh Shaffer November 15, 2016 / 4:15 pm

    Wonderful stuff on all your sites! Wanted to comment that “Tennessee” was the name of one steel plant in Birmingham, AL. Typically when you see it stamped in the steel it designates that it came from that specific plant. I learned that from visiting the Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham earlier this year.

    • Bob Lawrence November 15, 2016 / 5:05 pm

      Good information! Thank you for passing it along. And thank you for the compliment on my sites. I’m a little bit behind right now, but I’ll be catching up. Again, thank you!

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